Transforming Bodies

through cardio fitness and strength training


Hours of Operation

Rightntight Fitness with Ms Sylvia is open Monday through Friday 3:30p to 8:30p
Close on weekends, holidays, trainer out on business, trainer out sick or trainer out on vacation

Low Impact Cardio

Low Impact cardio is a form of exercise that increases the heart rate while putting little to no impact on your joints. Many cardio workouts include a lot of jumping, while Low Impact does not! Low Impact Cardio Strength Training also improves to lower blood pressure and reduce stress and the risk of injuries to the body.


High Impact Cardio

High Impact burns more calories in a short amount of time than Low Impact Training. It improves your balance and coordination. High Impact burns fat, boosts your metabolism, and leaves your body sore. High Impact Strength Training exercises include running, jumping jacks, step aerobics, and plyometrics. It increases your cardio level, lower stress level and depression. You should exercise 3x a week to see great results of the body transformation.

Ms Sylvia

My name is Sylvia Reynolds. I am the founder, owner, and instructor of Rightntight Fitness with Ms. Sylvia. Rightntight Fitness with Ms. Sylvia is a private gym for Group Personal Training. This gym specializes in Body Toning, Body Sculpting, and Cardio with weights.

Tried and True Results

Client Testimonials

Rhynika Spells
My name is Rhynika Spells. I came to Rightntight Fitness with Ms Sylvia for toning. In my first 30 days, I was impressed with my body, especially my back. I want to thank my trainer Ms Sylvia for motivating me and the PUSH. As of now in my 90 days at Rightntight Fitness with Ms Sylvia, I look and feel my best in a long time with more energy and now able to move my knees as. Thank you Ms Sylvia for taking the time for bring my life back.
Karllena Brady
My name is Karllena Brady! I started this new journey in January 2021 looking for a toning class because I had a lot hanging skin all over so I was referred to Right N Tight Fitness little did I know it dies the whole body Good I saw results in a little as 90 days I went down 3 sizes didn't realize it was inches and then out of no where my whole body just start getting toned I mean my whole body did a 360 no more hanging jiggling skin my cloths fit better then ever plus my stomach has gotten flatter then ever Right N Tight Fitness has been everything and more I belong in the upper class that's the 7:30pm with women 55 and up we all are delicate women come and give it 90 days and stay on your journey you will get your body back for me I'm never leaving this is my journey to be continued with Ms. Sylvia: thanks for getting me Right N Tight!!!
Elizabeth Garnett
My name is Elizabeth Garnett. I was introduced to Right n Tight by Ms Sylvia in August 2017 by my daughter. I was looking to lose some weight and I needed some body toning. When I started it was very hard swinging dumbbell, but I liked it. I stayed with it and started losing inches after as bout a year. I'm 73 years old and in the best shape I've ever been in but you have to be Dedicated and not give in to the pain because he does get better. I work out 3 days a week, roller skate and bowl once a week. This is due to workout routines I do in Right n Tight gym.
Shalonda Kelley
Hello! My name is Shalonda Kelley and this is my fourth month as a member of the, Right N Tight Fitness Center. The first day was very challenging for me. It was apparent that Ms. Slyvia and I did not share a similar definition for low impact workouts. The sheer intensity of the class coupled with my age had me second-guessing whether or not this class was for me. However, I made the initial investment and I was willing to see it through for the first thirty days. The stories she shared of other women overcoming their health obstacles at the same age as me really inspired me. Seeing their transformation photos really gave me hope and spurred me to challenge myself. I wasn’t happy remaining the woman I was. Out of shape. Continuously tired. Constantly hurting. I knew this was not the woman I wanted to continue being. So I made the difficult decisions to become the woman I want to be remembered as. I set forth my vision and I ran with it. I committed to her workout classes. More than that, I committed myself to persevering despite the difficulty of the class. I cleaned up my diet. Trained my appetite to long only for what is good for me. If Ms. Sylvia was going to help me become my better version, I had to make sure I had the proper nutrients to keep going. To keep fighting through the pain and thoughts of giving up. This was no walk in the park for me. I cried at times. I was frustrated at times. There were morning I spent laying in my bed sore and tired. There were nights that I wanted to pass out. There were moments I couldn’t see the change everyone around was talking about. The thoughts of giving and settling tormented me. But despite it all, I recognized something. I am more than capable of doing the impossible. Thanks to Ms. Slyvia and her willingness to push me beyond my limits, I have become all the more determined to continue this journey of health. I am stronger than I ever been. I move quicker now. My body does not prohibit me from doing everyday things anymore like climbing stairs or bending down. I have more energy during my day and I sleep better at night. All in all, I have come to recognize that the cost of becoming someone greater far outweigh the luxury of remaining the same. Though there is still plenty of road left ahead of me, I am more than ready to face it head on with ambition and fierceness! And I am not alone when I do this. I have the unrelenting, Ms. Slyvia! The wonderful community of women who workout alongside of me. I have the best and most encouraging family cheering me on. I have God who strengthens me everyday to crush my goals. And lastly, I have myself because I believe in myself and that no matter how great the battles that lay ahead of me, I will win! By any means, I will win! Thank you, Right N Tight Fitness Center and thank you Ms. Slyvia for helping me become!